The European Center for Positive Change is the premier consultancy in the expanding practice of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Change. We are visionary leaders in applying the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to financial performance, operational efficiencies, sales, employee engagement, organizational development, project management, change initiatives, lean system implementation, and strategy. Our processes illuminate the ‘best’ in organizations and individuals while strengthening those behaviors to improve organizational performance in a consistent and sustainable manner. We deliver consistent results and embed new behaviors/skills in organizations that allows those results to be carried forth. We invite you to have a conversation with us to begin delivering the results of your organizational and personal aspirations.

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Positive Change – A motorcycle trip as a metaphor for Positive Change

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Being More Positive in the Present

Every year the Partners of Corporation of Positive Change convene from all over the world for their annual meeting. This year Denver, ...
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Global Conference on Positive Change

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RIDE Leadership

RIDE Leadership R – Results and Reflection I – Inquiry and Inspiration D – Disrupt and Design E – Engagement ...
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RIDE Leadership

R – Results and Reflection I – Inquiry and Inspiration D – Disrupt and Design E – Engagement and Energy ...
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Appreciative Questions as Initiators of Positive Change

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Appreciative Consulting

Earlier today I had a conversation with several colleagues about what it means to be an appreciative consultant and what ...
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Entrepreneurialism – Focus on Creating Tomorrow

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The word sparks excitement in people and government as it’s viewed as the engine of personal economic and business growth ...
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Special edition of AI Magazine

From 25th until 28th April 2012 the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012 was held in Ghent, Belgium, focusing on the ...
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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is the study of what gives life to human systems when they are at their best. It is an organization development methodology based on the assumption that inquiry into and dialogue about strengths, successes, values, hopes and dreams is itself transformational.

  • People individually and collectively have unique gifts, skills and contributions to bring to life.
  • Organizations are human social systems, sources of unlimited relational capacity, created and lived in language.
  • The images we hold of the future are socially created and, once articulated, serve to guide individual and collective actions.

Through human communication (inquiry and dialogue) people can shift their attention and action away from problem analysis to lift up worthy ideals and productive possibilities for the future.
In short, Appreciative Inquiry suggests that human organizing and change, at its best, is a relational process of inquiry, grounded in affirmation and appreciation. Appreciative Inquiry is a process that delivers consistent results while engaging the whole organization to utilize their strengths and bring their best!

Why Does Appreciative Inquiry Work?

Appreciative Inquiry works because it treats people like people, and not like machines. People are social. We create our identities and our knowledge in relation to one another. We are curious. We like to tell stories and listen to stories. We pass on our values, beliefs and wisdom in stories. We like to learn and to use what we learn to be our best. And we delight in doing well in the eyes of those we care about and respect. Appreciative Inquiry enables leaders to create natural human organizations – knowledge rich, strength based, adaptable, learning organizations.