Ralph Weickel

Ralph Weickel is the President of the Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) and Principal of Performance Management and the European Center for Positive Change.  CPC is a global appreciative consultancy that amplifies performance by bringing 30+ years experience across a broad range of industries including financial institutions, utilities, defense contractors, medical centers, government and small businesses. Ralph and his Team guide organizations to identify and leverage core strengths to permanently improve performance and co-create flourishing environments.  Engaging the spirit and unleashing the passion of all stakeholders, the Team utilizes the principles of Positive Change and Appreciative Inquiry as the basis for strength development, performance improvement, and achievement of energizing goals. CPC and its sister organizations specialize in co-creating success with organizations in the areas of organizational and team development, change initiatives, strategic planning,  operational efficiency, employee engagement, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit along with lean system implementation.  Ralph serves as an appreciative executive coach know for his holistic and co-creative approach. Being a native of Germany, Ralph is also fluent in German, in addition to English.