Sanna Zijlstra

Sanna has been working for Positive Change since 2012, as a Senior Internal Consultant with many different departments and industries within the local government. She guided many sessions and meetings on positive change ranging from 4 to 200 people. Sanna coaches managers and teams on co-creation and getting sustainable results. As a sunny, energetic person and facilitator of positive change, Sanna’s work starts structurally from out of the relational and positive human perspective and translates easily between strategy and operations, theory and practice. The way she works is through joy and wonder and is always inclusive. Sanna’s overview of the way things are interconnected delivers the desired outcomes of the client in a complete and satisfying way. Sanna’s professional background is one of internal consultancy in local government and commercial interdisciplinary consultancy on archeological research and policy. Sanna’s ongoing desire to bring out the best in people and organizations and a very strong belief in positive change and positive psychology. Based in Amsterdam, Sanna is fluent in Dutch, English and French. Sanna  most recently finished the certificate program of the Corporation for Positive Change in December 2013.