The Courage of Inspiration

Adapted from Appreciative Leadership:
Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization
Diana Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Kae Rader

Inspiration opens people to the source of life that moves through and among us all. It gives people hope and courage to shed habitual ways of living and working and move in new, innovative and more life-affirming directions.  It moves people to action, and gives them something to work for and toward in service of a better world. It encourages people to learn and to do what it takes to realize their dreams, achieve their goals, and help others do the same. Inspiration sparks the fire of excellence. It is the source of all achievement.

The strategy of Inspiration invites us to “re-enchant” work by crossing over to the positive – both within ourselves, and in our dealings with others.  This often involves sharing uplifting stories, being generous with appreciation, and encouraging others to do the same.  Just as often, it fosters “visionary liveliness” by engaging people in inquiry and conversation about their hopes and dreams for the future … by helping them see how it will be achieved, and how they can contribute.

Through the strategy of Inspiration, Appreciative Leadership helps people transcend the harsh realities of the world, organizing instead to a life-affirming purpose that supports the greater good.