Being More Positive in the Present

September 29, 2017 by tjwylie

Every year the Partners of Corporation of Positive Change convene from all over the world for their annual meeting.

This year Denver, Colorado was the location where partners from Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America met.  I thought it is a great opportunity to combine work with pleasure. So, I decided to fly over from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Lexington, Kentucky, to partner up with Ralph Weickel to take the trip to Denver on our motorcycles.

It is fun riding through the mid-west landscape, enjoying the beautiful skies and the always changing clouds, riding in the mysterious morning haze, giving you a surrealistic picture, taking in the vastness of the country while riding hours and hours through prairie lands.

We had long days on our Harleys and needed to keep our focus all the time, to be ready for the unexpected. Not only looking out for the risks – you have to be aware of what other drivers might do – but also looking for the opportunities to enjoy the little gifts of riding – spotting deer drinking water at a pond, stops for nice viewpoints, inspiring conversations with strangers at gas stations.

Riding alone on a motorcycle for hours is also a perfect way to reflect.  You have nobody to talk to and have the opportunity to just be with your thoughts.  An ideal chance to reflect on where we have come from, what has made the journey so enjoyable up to now, and what we want more of.  Almost unnoticed, I experienced that I was also preparing for the meeting, visualizing what lay ahead, what could happen, and the things I wished for.

That was the moment it struck me – combining work and pleasure is so easy: what we are doing during the road trip is exactly what we want to achieve when working with positive change.  We are helping our clients get better results by finding a way to be more positive in the present.  Along with being focused, being open for new inspiring possibilities, reflecting on what has been achieved and how to move forward with a positive spirit.  My mind wandered to the great TED-talk of Shawn Achor: If we focus on raising the level of positivity in the present, we are simply happier which increases our performance and business outcomes.

So, I am a happy biker riding across the Plains, looking forward to the 2- day Corporation of Positive Change meeting.  This time is especially exciting because we welcome two new partners and we are opening a number of new offices around the globe.

Oh, before I forget, there is one huge difference between this road trip through the empty mid-west and when we work with clients. When we are working with clients we never ever use cruise control. We are always adopting speed to what is required at that moment by our clients.

Frank van Erkel, Corporation for Positive Change, European Center

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