Positive Change – A motorcycle trip as a metaphor for Positive Change

November 2, 2017 by tjwylie

A 5-part series on Positive Change through the lens of a motorcycle trip

Part II – The Aspiration and Inspiration – Creating a Compelling Vision

Positive Change ignites inspiration and fuels the aspiration of organizations and individuals. Before we left on our ride, my time was spent reflecting on previous rides, and what made them inspirational and energized me. Then I began to think about the features or characteristics that will make this ride exceptional – the open road, new scenery, exploring the mountains and having hours to spend enjoying wind therapy. As I visualized the ride, my excitement grew and I realized that part of the excitement came from the unknown – the unforeseen weather, a new site, or meeting new people on the road. It became apparent that the aspiration for this ride was to encounter some unknown items which would add to the joy and experience. Positive Change engages participants in such a manner that unforeseen events are taken in stride and become part of the journey – to be learned from and experienced.

When clients partner with the Corporation for Positive Change, they are guided through a similar experience of creating a vibrant outcome for their positive initiative. Following the exploration of previous successes and the identification of organizational strengths, we engage all stakeholders in creating a positive vision for the initiative that is being undertaken. We guide this journey through a series of exercises and conversations that draws on the neuroscience research, and changes the internal conversations of the participants and organization. Positive Change is experienced when the successful change initiative is placed in a future state and participants are asked to experience what they are doing. This is similar to imagining my ride through the mountains, feeling the cool breeze and the quick turns of the switchback roads. Positive Change stimulates the imagination and stakeholders describe their actions as the initiative is successfully completed. This generates tremendous energy and inspiration for the actions needed to bring the successful outcome into reality.

As I thought about the ride, I imagined rain and less than ideal weather, and it was exciting for I knew it was an opportunity to strengthen my riding skills. Also, I know that as long as the wheels were turning, all weather would change and the situation would be temporary. Positive Change initiatives led by CPC give clients the same confidence that any unforeseen events will be an opportunity to strengthen and leverage skills. Furthermore, they, unforeseen items are not a reason to take their eye off the successful outcome, for as long as momentum and direction is maintained, the goal will be reached. When organizations experience this, it gives them tremendous confidence for future initiatives.

We will explore this topic further along with the process of designing action in our next blog. Look for it and in the meantime – enjoy the journey you are on!

Ralph Weickel is President with Corporation for Positive Change, and Principal of European Center for Positive Change  & Performance Management.

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